Sunday, January 1, 2012

A little like Jo.

I am have been thinking about it recently, and my life seems decently similar to Jo's from Little Women. I have four sisters, just as Jo had four sisters {(although I am not the second oldest). Jo is very head-strong, out spoken and independent. I am also very head-strong, outspoken, independent, and not to mention stubborn and I possess the "I just need to be tough and suck it up" mentality. 

Jo and I face/faced similar circumstances. She lost someone dear to her, as I have. And misses that someone often, as I also miss my dad often. She is very opinionated and out-spoken as I said before, especially when it comes to Meg's marriage to John Brooke. My sister, who is just a year older than me, is also in a serious relationship headed towards marriage. I, like Jo, struggle with this idea as I do not want our relationship to change. I know change happens, but why must it happen so soon? I am disheartened at the thought of her leaving, for she has been my best friend. And yet now she has a new one. I am immensely happy for her and Bobby. But I will miss her greatly. And I know our relationship will never be the same. I, like Jo, must learn to adjust to change, especially the change that happens in my own family. It is hard, very much so.

But what can be done with such change, but to plunge head-on into it. Embracing it and letting it grow, push, and change you. I believe this will be a big year of changing, growing, and most importantly trusting in my Father. 

Do you ever feel like a book character, almost to a T? Tell me about it, we can relate.

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  1. I swear sometimes I think we are the same person. ;)



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